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    Hi, I'm Roxie. :)
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4:30AM || Panata
We’re here until 12midnight. Grab a shirt for P200 only. ;)
Pastoral Youth Ministry’s fund-raising. Grab a shirt for only P200 ;) You’ll get to help us have our retreat this year :)
Too early for #throwback ;)))) awoooo~ Taken a year ago i think.
I’m going to miss you and advance happy birthday! Hihi! :) Surprise!!!!!! …that is not-so surprising. Gahhd.
Today is the last day that Team ELRD would be complete. I’m so sad that it ended like this. :( but I’m thankful to have worked with people like you. I’d like to believe that i landed the perfect job, not just because of the work itself, but because of you two, and Sir Jolo. I’m so emotional. Haha. Sorry. I just love our teamwork. It’s just the three of us, but everything is the bomb! :) wish you all the best! And see you again! :) pa-hug ah! Sir Drey, I will never forget you. You are my very first boss and I’ve learned so much from you. :)
Today’s the 15th and it’s time to reward myself. Whooo amen! ;) #busogbundat
Tomorrow’s the D-day! SLMC Beach Party Boot Camp. Lezzgo! :) Fun for them, work for us. XD. This would be my first and last summer outing that i co-organized with ELRD team. :’) huhu #lastpush
This week has been a whirlwind. @.@ Thank You, Lord, I’m surviving. Konti na lang! :’)
Biglaan. Spot the difference. Alin.. alin.. alin ang naiba? :)))
Omg. Can’t believe this kdrama is over. Huhu. T.T what to do with my life now? XD hahaha. more of this love team please. :3 #emergencycouple okay what should I watch now? Any suggestions? ;)
Oh baby you need a haircut. Hahaha. I miss you Mogu. :*
Whooooo! Sir Drey with his lecture on Anti-Sexual Harassment. Go go go!
Slept in my arms. #saturdaybabysitting