Take me to Seoul. Please? :)

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    Hi, I'm Roxie. :)
    20. Freelance Model ^^
    Dance, Acting, Modeling & Photography enthusiast :D
    I'll be a Korean star someday :D Dreams do come true ^^
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    Disclaimer: Everything I post here is not mine, unless stated otherwise. ^^
    Girls' Generation's Tiffany CosPlayer :D

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The question is, are you ready?
"Mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you."
Photographers: Daniel Evangelista & Ace Benitez :) 😍
And I won! ;))) well that’s the first. Usually i’m not lucky with raffle draws. #MemoryLaneMonday #SLMC
Whooo! We’re so competitive. Hahaha. Sorry wrong spelling mga answers ko. Hahahah. #MemoryLaneMonday #SLMC
HR represent! ;) #NameThatTune #MemoryLaneMonday #SLMC
Roxie, yung totoo, 1 week o 1 month stay? :)))))) hindi na kasya. Oh no. Hahaha. #KoreaEscapade
Meet my Lola! :) 😻📷💐
Sunday is fambam day! ;)
Happy birthday Ate Mai! Hope you’re having a blast. May God grant what your heart’s desire. God bless you. @mandydulos :) 😀😚👭
Packing for #KoreaEscapade :) 😁😂 lezzdo this! :)))) 😊😀😁👒👗👠👡👢👚👜✈
Good morning ♡ :) 😊😚😻💋
Good morning ♡ 😚😻💋
Stressed, but still happy because it’s Fridaaaaaaay~ ♡😊😀😍 (at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City)
#Throwback to 2012 ;) credits to @evangerrs